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My layover at the Empire State would be about 5 hours but I knew upfront that these would go by in no time. Upon arrival I had filled out the known blue CBP form and after coming out the plane I headed straight to the self service kiosks. The entire process took up just a few minutes and it took me longer to talk to the CBP officer as he could not understand why I would fly across the USA before heading back to Europe. I just told him about the miles and that I like to fly but he still couldn’t comprehend what I was doing so he gave up and just stamped my passport.

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My view of New York…

By the time I was finally out the terminal I was so thirsty that I had to get a drink first. My head felt like there was a tiny man on the inside with a sledgehammer… So I exchanged the Hong Kong Dollars I had left and bought 2 bottles of energy drink before taking the skytrain to terminal 8.

I already had all the necessary boardingpasses so all I had to do was go through security… Easier said then done and it took me about a half hour to get through. Once through I headed for the Admirals Club which was across from my departing gate 42. As usual the agents there are always friendly and I requested access to the shower so I could fresh up.

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Not as nice as the one in Heathrow

The shower gave me some new energy and I went to look for a quiet spot to sit down and relax. I really needed to get hydrated and a bit to eat. Same snacks as usual at every Admirals Club but the ice tea was good.

Outdated shower in the Admirals club on JFK

Outdated shower in the Admirals club on JFK

I caught up on my blog by publishing 2 more blog posts, so this took up most of my time and I charged all of my devices. You only get 2 drink vouchers at the lounge so I decided to redeem these for 2 glasses of Jack Daniels just before I left the lounge.

Before boarding I checked the upgrades list in the AA app as I had requested upgrades on all my US domestic flights with my 500 mile upgrades. But because there are so many elite members, the chance of being upgraded is almost zero… But fingers crossed for my other upcoming flights!

This flight would be on an “old” B737 in the old livery. I was in seat 7C which was just behind the first/business class seats and gave me some legroom for the 3,5 hour flight to Panther City where I will have a 2 hour layover before getting on another plane.

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