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Who doesn’t hate to be waiting at a crowded platform of a train station or not finding a single vending machine to get a snack or (hot) drink from? Did you know that you can get Thalys lounge access after just one journey? Ok, not all stations have a Thalys lounge, but the bigger stations like Brussels Midi, Amsterdam Central and Schiphol do and once you have your Silver card, you will have access to their lounges.

Traveling on the Thalys train doesn’t even need to be expensive because last year November when I had to fly from Schiphol for my mileage run to Hawaii, I was able to get a oneway ticket from Antwerp to Schiphol for just 11 Euros! That was probably one of the cheapest “elite status” cards I ever got haha. I paid exactly the same price for the return trip as well as I was able to buy the ticket during the same promotion.

Do yourself a favor and register yourself for the Thalys newsletter when you create an account with their loyalty program. Why? Because that way you won’t miss out on promotions for cheap tickets, duh!

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Regular promotions to be found on the Thalys site!

Why become a member? With Thalys’ TheCard programme, your status and privileges evolve with the frequency of your Thalys journeys. From your first journey, you become a Silver Member, so that’s after a single oneway ticket. Once you reach 10 journeys, you are awarded Gold status. As of 28 journeys, you are awarded Platinum status. You finally acquire Platinum+ status with 100 journeys per year. 

After becoming a Silver member from my first journey between Antwerp and Schiphol, I was able to enjoy free wifi onboard the Thalys train on the way back. All I needed to do was put in my Thalys account number and I could use the wifi.

Most of you will know how crowded the train station can get at Schiphol airport, especially at night… And as I was about an hour early for my train back to Antwerp I decided to head to the NS Lounge, all you need to do to get in is show your Thalys ticket or your Thalys member card depending on your elite status level. Even the card which you have stored on your smartphone is good enough.

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Thalys Lounge Access by elite status level

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Overview of reward benefits

Whilst the lounge at Schiphol airport isn’t big, it’s never crowded and has the basics, you can get warm drinks like coffee, chocolate milk and tea, there’s a choice of cold drinks, some wines and beers.

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A comfy place to be while waiting for your Thalys train

Most of the times this lounge is quite empty, especially at night when you might end up being the only person there with the staff, who are always very friendly!

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Empty lounge

There’s a TV which has the news on if you wanna stay up to date with things that go on the world, but I always tend to ignore what goes on in the media especially on the news… I couldn’t give a sh*t about politics to be honest but let’s not get into that haha.

Oh and if you can’t get any cheap tickets for the Thalys, look for for first class tickets on the regular international train that runs between the Netherlands and Belgium and vice versa. I don’t wanna sound posh or spoiled but the 2nd class coaches are always so packed with loads of lugage and people and little place to sit. The first class tickets for the international train regularly are on sale and you can get good deals to sit comfy in a quiet train car, on comfy seats with plenty of room…

So remember to explore every possible option, of course bare in mind the price of your ticket and what you get in return for it. I’m not in any way trying to tell you what to do, that’s totally up to you but I’m just trying to show you what is possible.

Till next time, safe travels!

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