Everest Base Camp Trek – Day 3: Off to Lukla and Phakding

In my previous post about my Everest Base Camp Trek, you were able to read how I managed to get to Kathmandu. This journal entry describes my travel to Lukla and how I experienced my first day on [...]


Everest Base Camp Trek – Day 2: Hello Kathmandu!

In my diary of day 1 of my Everest Base Camp Trek, you were able to read how I got to Doha. Today the journey continues and you’ll read how I finally managed to get to Kathmandu. Unplanned [...]


Everest Base Camp Trek – Day 1: Getting There

I had my alarm set for 4.35 am that morning. During the night I couldn’t sleep very well because of the excitement of this trip. My flight was at just after 7 am so I had to make sure that I was [...]


Auckland Layover – Kiwi For One Day

During my recent trip to the Cook Islands I had a layover twice in Auckland. Once on the way over to Aitutaki and one on the way back home. This gave me the opportunity to experience what life is [...]


Mount Agung – Hike Up The Holy Mountain

Hiking up Mount Agung had been on my to do list for a long time, it was something I wanted to do in honor of my dad. The last time I hiked up a real mountain was together with him, back in 2011 [...]


Original Berlin Walks

During my recent trip to Berlin I decided I wanted to see and learn a bit more about the history of the city during the second world war and whilst I had done a bus tour on my previous visit, I [...]


Holiday Inn Golden Mile

During my 7 day mileage run trip I had only booked one hotel and that was the Holiday Inn Golden Mile on Nathan Road in Hong Kong. Initially I had booked a reward night at the Intercontinental [...]


Mileage Run 2.0 Conclusion

This is the conclusion after 7 days of flying during my mileage run 2.0, my first mileage run ever was the week before when I flew to Honolulu and back in a weekend… I have to say that it [...]


Going Home

The last 24 hours of my trip going home were on complete auto pilot… Seriously I was so tired! Maybe the fact of only having seen one bed during a 7 day journey had something to do with it, [...]


City Of Angels

I had flown from JFK to Dallas and later that night I would fly towards the City of Angels. The plane arrived in Cowtown on time but couldn’t not get to the gate as it was occupied, so we [...]

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