Oh how I love to travel!

Oh, how I love to travel! Ever since I was a kid, it was fun to go onto journeys. The kind of trips where you would be in the backseat of the car, harassing your parents every hour asking them [...]


Finding Balance In Life

So many people will tell you that life is all about finding balance. A balance between things you must do and things you love to do. There are things that make you happy, sad or mad. While I had [...]


Tour Around Bali With Bali Customized Tours

Why would you go to Bali and then not take the time to go explore the beautiful island? You would only do that in case you were only interested in partying your ass off and getting drunk all the [...]

My Best Trip Ever – The Journey Begins

By the time you read this my best trip ever will have begun and I will be on the train heading towards Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. I sure hope there won’t be any kind of delays but [...]


Travel Planning 2016

In this article I will try to explain you part of my travel planning for 2016 for the beginning of the year. This article will show you all details about every idea I had for upcoming travel and [...]


Where do I find great travel deals?

Where do I find great travel deals? Well that’s actually a good question because a lot of people still rely on the well-known and classic type online travel agencies (OTA) or just the [...]


2015 Travel Tag

Introduction Since I started blogging for myself I got in touch with a lot of similar minded travel bloggers with great initiatives like for example the Liebster award and the Travel Tag 2015 is [...]