Tour Around Bali With Bali Customized Tours

Why would you go to Bali and then not take the time to go explore the beautiful island? You would only do that in case you were only interested in partying your ass off and getting drunk all the [...]


Blog Workflow & Time Management

After posting a picture of my to do list on Instagram I got asked the question if I would write an article about my workflow for running a travel blog. That idea kinda grew on me and I decided to [...]


Travel Planning 2016

In this article I will try to explain you part of my travel planning for 2016 for the beginning of the year. This article will show you all details about every idea I had for upcoming travel and [...]


Where do I find great travel deals?

Where do I find great travel deals? Well that’s actually a good question because a lot of people still rely on the well-known and classic type online travel agencies (OTA) or just the [...]


Thalys Lounge Access

Who doesn’t hate to be waiting at a crowded platform of a train station or not finding a single vending machine to get a snack or (hot) drink from? Did you know that you can get Thalys [...]


Status Match

This article will give you an insight about what a status match exactly is, how to request it and how you can benefit from it. You’ll read a couple of examples on how easy it is get one in [...]