Oops I did it again

Oops I did it again… I couldn’t resist and booked another crazy mileage run! History seems to repeating itself every year that just before or just after New Year, there are a ton of [...]


Holiday Inn Golden Mile

During my 7 day mileage run trip I had only booked one hotel and that was the Holiday Inn Golden Mile on Nathan Road in Hong Kong. Initially I had booked a reward night at the Intercontinental [...]


Mileage Run 2.0 Conclusion

This is the conclusion after 7 days of flying during my mileage run 2.0, my first mileage run ever was the week before when I flew to Honolulu and back in a weekend… I have to say that it [...]


Going Home

The last 24 hours of my trip going home were on complete auto pilot… Seriously I was so tired! Maybe the fact of only having seen one bed during a 7 day journey had something to do with it, [...]


City Of Angels

I had flown from JFK to Dallas and later that night I would fly towards the City of Angels. The plane arrived in Cowtown on time but couldn’t not get to the gate as it was occupied, so we [...]


The Empire State

My layover at the Empire State would be about 5 hours but I knew upfront that these would go by in no time. Upon arrival I had filled out the known blue CBP form and after coming out the plane I [...]


Rising Sun

After spending some time in the lounge at Jakarta airport I headed to gate D7 where there was a final security check point. I handed over my boarding pass and was directed to the priority [...]


The Big Durian

I was at the airport very early for my flight to The Big Durian… I did not manage to get any sleep during my night in Hong Kong, most likely because I slept on the way over for about 10 [...]


Mmm skycraper I love you

Mmm skycraper I love you… For those who don’t know where the heck this comes from, it’s a track by my favorite band Underworld and I found the title to be appropriate for the [...]


Overnight in Tiger City

So here I am having to spend overnight in Tiger City… Anyone figured out where I am at the moment? It’s somewhere up North in Scandinavia, a couple more miles further and I could go [...]

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