Saying Goodbye to Wonderful Bali

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Bali has been amazing, beautiful, magical, welcoming, wonderful,… I’m running out of superlatives to describe this place! This was my first trip to the island of Bali, I have read and heard plenty of things about before. But being here for only a week leaves me with a feeling that there is still so much more to discover! Even if you would spend several months on the island, you still wouldn’t get to explore everything it has to offer.

Now I can understand why some people decide to spend their lives in Bali or prefer to slow travel in places like this. Most likely I think like this right now because the grass always looks greener on the other side as there might be downsides. To be honest if I would get the chance to be here for a longer time (I mean months) I would definitely take the opportunity.

Leaving InterContinental Bali

The InterContinental Bali hotel has been the best hotel that I have ever stayed at! The service, the friendliness, the club lounge, the Sunset bar & restaurant, the suite upgrade I received and so on… I will write a review about this hotel at a later stage.


Club Lounge Terrace is a very nice place to sit down

After a last drink at the Club Lounge Terrace, I went to check out with the help of my personal butler. Yes you read the that right, during my whole stay I had a personal butler haha. Just press number 2 on the phone and someone would be at your service 24/7! The entire place is amazing, I mean as soon as you even walk into the lobby of the hotel, it blows your mind…


Small part of the huge lobby

Leaving Bali or maybe not…

The drive from the InterContinental to the airport was very short as it’s just around the corner and at 1.30 PM there was almost no traffic. Going through security was a breeze and a couple of minutes after the Thai Airways check in would open. I would first fly from Denpasar to Bangkok and then on to Perth as described in one of my previous blog posts.

But trouble started as soon as they started checking my itinerary, I got asked: “Sir, do you have a visa for Australia? If you do not have one, we can not let you go onboard…”

W T F?!? I had informed myself upfront about visa requirements, but I overlooked the domestic transfer in Australia as I had booked multiple award tickets. Ok now what… Luckily the people from Thai Airways were very helpful, but it took a good 90 minutes for everything to get sorted! Nerve wrecking I tell you and not a situation I wish anyone to get into, that’s why I want to share what I did to resolve it.

I called a number of the Australian immigration department in Indonesia as the official ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) website didn’t work, the drop down menu for the country of residence, only showed a couple of options. So a very helpful Australian guy referred me to a third party website, TravelVisa Australia, to apply for an online visa and after paying my visa got approved in 20 minutes.

Got stamped out of Bali

Got stamped out of Bali

Up In The Air

Eventually I got onboard the Thai Airways 787 Dreamliner which would take me from Denpasar to Bangkok, to be honest it was a bit of a disappointment… I thought nothing special of this aircraft besides that it’s pretty quiet and that’s about the only plus. I didn’t find the economy seats comfy and the width of the seat was pretty tight and I’m not a big person.


Thai Airways 787 Dreamliner

I have made it to Perth in the meantime and been writing this article whilst seated in the Qantas Business Class lounge. Another 3 hours to go before boarding will begin for my flight to Melbourne, followed by a couple more flights…


A lot of flying Down Under

See you next time “mate”!

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