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After a week it’s draw the final conclusion of this mileage run to Hawaii, because this time a week ago I was on my way to Honolulu, probably one of most crazy things I’ve done when it comes to travel… Was it worth it?

I calculated that I spend close to 35 hours sitting on a plan last weekend, sat 2 hours on a train, lost count of the hours I spend at an airport lounge, don’t recall how many glasses of Jack Daniels I had, oh and I got to spend about 7 or 8 hours in Waikiki!

Now let’s break down and analyze this trip and see what you think of it, cause of course the miles are the goal, but what most people don’t take into account is all the other costs that you make for a trip like this. I mean you gotta get to the airport, there’s a cost for food & drinks, unexpected costs (like forgetting your spare clothes!) and mainly the air fare:

  • Ticket AMS-LHR-LAX-HNL / HNL-LAX-LHR-AMS = 416 Euros
  • Thalys tickets from Antwerp to Schiphol and back = 22 Euros
  • Waikiki Beachside Hostel = $ 44 (approx. 42 Euros)
  • Honolulu airport shuttle service = $ 30 (approx. 28 Euros)
  • CitizenM Hotel at Schiphol airport = 70 Euros
  • Misc. costs (food, drinks & clothing) = about 75 Euros

This brings the total costs of this trip to 653 Euros.

That might sound like a lot and I’m just telling myself it isn’t to make me feel good haha, but let’s look at it in a different perspective by only looking at the part that gave me something in return, the earned air miles with American Airlines:

  • Total number of flown miles = 16486
  • Total number of bonus miles = 17562
  • Total number of promo miles = 2000
  • Total spend on air fare = 416 Euros (approx. $ 440)

That makes for a grand total of 36048 miles for this trip! Besides the miles it also earned me 4 500 mile upgrades on American Airlines which I can redeem in the future on US domestic flights to get upgrades to business class.

Mileage Run To Hawaii Conclusion - Lionell Travels - Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2015

Earned American Airlines miles!

A mileage run is only interesting if the Cost Per Mile is low, well I think I did a good job on this if I look at the air fare only!

Mileage Run To Hawaii Conclusion - Lionell Travels - Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2015

A very low CPM!


Would I do it again you ask me? Absolutely! Well that all depends of course on what kind of deals will be available in the future as American Airlines recently announced a whole set of changes to the way we will earn our air miles… I’m not too pessimistic about it yet, if there’s a way around it, I’m pretty sure I’ll find it!

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  • Theo

    Hi Lionell, thanks for your extensive reports! So nice to read, as I like the fact you add so many small details in your stories.
    Next time I would advice: become a pussy and travel business, that’s even more fun! 🙂

    • Lionell

      Hi Theo, thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! Haha I’ll look into it, for now I need to earn more miles first 🙂

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