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The last 24 hours of my trip going home were on complete auto pilot… Seriously I was so tired! Maybe the fact of only having seen one bed during a 7 day journey had something to do with it, the sleeping at airports, the (ab)use of alcohol along the way, or that I would have flown 19 flights in 7 days… I think it all just caught up with me.

I did not have the energy to write or even take pictures from the last couple of flights… I would fly out of Miami the so called Queen of the Skies by British Airways, the old 747-400, maybe it feels like a Queen when you fly business or first, but when you are seated on 29D in a cabin with a temperature of about 26 degrees Celsius, it doesn’t feel comfortable at all! Luckily my seat was an aisle seat and for a long time the 2 middle seats were empty until an older couple showed up and they started making a fuss immediately…

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Legroom on the Queen of the Skies

I simply don’t understand that, I mean you get to select your seats when you book your fricking flight, so f*cking pay attention! And don’t start moaning about it after you boarded the plane… They were gone for a couple of minutes and all of a sudden I had a very friendly Scottish man ask if he could slip into the middle seats as he had swapped seats with the older couple. I warned him straight away that I didn’t sleep for the past 2 days and would most likely pass out as soon as dinner service had passed. He was ok with it and offered to go to the back of the plane to get his stuff prior to me getting some sleep.

Well as it turned out I hardly managed to get a couple of hours of sleep, part due to it being a bumpy flight as there was a hug 120 mph tailwind in the jetstream and that the cabin was so warm! It just fries your nose and you start sweating like a pig, not a nice combination, believe me… But eventually I did manage to get some sleep until we were about 1.5 hour away from Heathrow which probably goes to show how I exhausted I was from the trip.

The good thing about the return flight to LHR was that I arrived at the same terminal that my connecting flight would leave from, so I wouldn’t have to do the bus transfer between T5 and T3 but I could just stay at terminal 3 and head straight to the lounge after fast tracking through security. My initial thought was to go to the British Airways Galleries Lounge but once I got there it was so crowded that it turned me off, so I made a direct U-turn and headed to the Admirals Club where I already had been a few times before. I decided to have bacon & eggs for breakfast with some apple juice… followed by a JD haha!

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Breakfast at the Admirals Club in Heathrow

As I was in an American Airlines lounge they wouldn’t announce my British Airways flight over the intercom, so I positioned myself in front of one of the displays with gate announcements. I had a fair bit of time and while I was sipping my JD the gate number showed up and I knew that I would have a 10 to 15 minute walk to my gate. When I arrived there, there was almost nobody there and boarding started soon enough, thanks to my Star Alliance Gold status I was able to get on the plane as one of the first people, which means you still have plenty of space to stow away your hand luggage.

This BA flight would take me from London to Warsaw where I would have further connections to Brussels via Zurich. Okay I already hear you thinking, why the hell didn’t you fly directly from London to Brussels, well I’m a miles junkie so I took a slight detour… I would fly from London to Warsaw, have a short layover there and then continue to Zurich, from where I would connect to Brussels. This would get me some extra miles on my Copa account and therefor keep the miles active on that account.

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Swiss Air Embraer 190

In Warsaw I spend some time in the LOT Business Class lounge to which I had access through my Copa Airlines Platinum status. This lounge wasn’t that good to be honest, but oh well they served whisky, although no JD, but they did serve a nice Wild Turkey bourdon which I really liked. I didn’t have any food here as I had no apetite at all.

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Another lounge, another whisky…

After getting out of the lounge I was so tired that I even walked to the wrong boarding area… I walked to an immigration gate where I got barked at for not being in the right place and asking where I needed to go didn’t get me more details either. I resorted to the information desk and there a friendly guy pointed me in the right direction and I was able to find the gate where I needed to be. I just couldn’t think straight anymore…

This would be my first flight with Swiss Airlines and I have to say the crew was very friendly again! More about this in a conclusion article that is still to come… Before I realised it, we had already touched down in Zurich where I made a rush to the gate as my connecting time was very short, at least that’s what I had in my tired mind. After some speed walking I got to the gate for the flight, showed my Star Alliance Gold card, then had my electronic boarding pass on my phone scanned and the machine threw a big red X on the display… WTF!? Thing was that I was just at the wrong gate trying to board the 6 PM flight to Brussels instead of my designated flight at 6.25 PM…

I checked the information board with departing flights and it turned out I had a good 50 minutes before my flight would start boarding so I went to look for the Swiss Senator Lounge and was able to find it, but the queue for entering was so long that it came out of the lounge entrance. No way that I was gonna wait here! I just walked at snail’s pace to my gate…

Everything in my body started to hurt, my brain was frozen, all I wanted to do was get home! I passed out on the Swiss Air flight to BRU and once out of the plane I realised we had stopped at one of the furtest A gates so it was a long walk to the exit. I got my train ticket and hopped on the train of 8.10 PM which should get me to Antwerp in 30 minutes, but unfortunately luck wasn’t on my side and it took just over an hour and another bus ride before I was finally home.

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