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This is the conclusion after 7 days of flying during my mileage run 2.0, my first mileage run ever was the week before when I flew to Honolulu and back in a weekend… I have to say that it has been an insane week!Ā 

Some statistics

During this 7 week trip, I have visited more airports than I visited during the entire year haha! I passed through the following airports:

Dallas Fort Worth
San Francisco
Dallas Fort Worth
Hong Kong
New York JFK
Dallas Fort Worth
Los Angeles
Dallas Fort Worth

As you can see I passed through a couple of cities multiple times as I was able to add segments for free on this trip due to the routing rules of American Airlines. Why the hell would I fly those segments? Because of the extra miles I earn! One CBP officer told me very clearly what he thought about my trip: “It’s a f*cking waste of time if you ask me!”

Well buddy you’re the one standing here with a long face all day and I’ll be the one smiling once I redeem my air miles to some dream destination.

I spend the night at 4 cities overnight, of which there was only 1 night where I really left the airport to go into the city as my layover was long enough. This was in Hong Kong where I had booked a hotel in the city and actually saw a bed… But I wasn’t able to sleep as I slept so long on the 16+ hour flight over to HKG. In the airports of Oslo, San Francisco and Los Angeles I spend the night sitting or hanging on a bench till the check in opened the next morning. Why? Well what’s the point of booking a hotel and wasting money for 4 hours? Yes I know crazy…

In total I have flown 41.892 miles in 7 days! Now bear in mind that the circumference of planet earth is 24.901 miles around the equator, so I almost flew around the world twice!

Mileage Run 2.0 Conclusion - Lionell Travels - Copyright All Rights Reserved Ā© 2015

Total number of miles flown in 7 days

It took me 90 hours and 20 minutes to fly these miles! That is 4 out of 7 days on an actual plane! The rest of the time was spend checking in, walking through airports, waiting at the lounge or boarding area, going through security, explaining myself to CBP officers,… If I now look back at these numbers, what was I thinking?!


During the entire trip I only got 1 upgrade from economy to domestic first, as for the rest there was no chance at all to get an upgrade due to the upgrade lists being so long for every flight with all the Executive Platinum members. Besides the upgrade I received I also earned more of the 500 mile upgrades with American Airlines, in total I received 12 of them which can only be redeemed on US domestic routes in the future.

Worst airline

I love flying American Airlines because of all the air miles I’m able to earn with them till the changes kick in, but out of all airlines flown in that week they are probably the worst… Some of the crew look like they belong in a retirement home or they seem to be there against their will, the least you can do is smile and say hello to your customers, no matter what the time of the day is or no matter how bad of a day you’re having!

Best airline

Hmm this will be a close call between Cathay Pacific and Japan Airlines, because both airlines will come to a draw when it comes to service and friendliness of the onboard crews. What a difference compared to EU or US based carriers, seriously they should send some of the crew to these countries for training! I’m not saying everyone is bad, there are exceptions…

If I had to look at the total package, I would give the win to Japan airlines because of the combination of their service, economy seats, legroom and overall experience.

Both CX and JL are super when it comes to personal approach by crew members, because as soon as you come aboard the crew will know your name and come to check on you.
Total miles earned

Not all miles from the trip have been posted into my AA account yet, but so far I have earned 77.892 miles and there is another 4030 miles that need to be posted from the Hong Kong to Jakarta segment, which will make a total of 82.012 miles!


Mileage Run 2.0 Conclusion - Lionell Travels - Copyright All Rights Reserved Ā© 2015

Cents per mile in US Dollar


The above picture shows you the CPM (Cents per Mile) which is really low for the mileage run part of my trip, excluding the positioning flights. This was calculated prior to my trip, but once all the miles have been posted I need to recalculate this as I have also received some bonus miles for certain segments.

The miles from my 4 positioning flights that were required for this mileage run trip have not yet been posted, so I don’t know what I’ve earned on those but most likely it won’t be much and I’ll be crediting those to my Copa Airlines account.

Total cost

The cost for my positioning flights was $ 200 for 4 flights which is pretty cheap as I managed to book ik through Orbitz as a double open jaw trip. The mileage run part, that started in Oslo and ended in Warsaw had a cost of $ 1367! For that price you can’t even buy as much miles as I’ve earned on this trip, even with the current bonus miles promotion when purchasing AA miles.


Would I do it again? YES!! This has been such an experience, yes it’s very tiring but fun as well. Only downside is that with the upcoming changes on the American Airlines loyalty program that you won’t be able to earn so many miles anymore at this cheap price… I will need to sit down the coming weeks and study the new rules and see what’s possible.

Most likely I will even have a hard time when I need to requalify for my Platinum status, I have no plans yet to do this, maybe I need to look at a different loyalty program in order to keep my Oneworld Sapphire status and privileges. Until then I hope you enjoyed reading my mileage trip reports!

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  • Vetexbart

    Love to follow your trips! I know what you mean when you say that some of the AA-crew belongs in a retirement home šŸ™‚

    • Lionell

      Hi Bart, thanks for your comment! For now it will be quiet for a while hehe, but watch out for the hotel review and walk tour review that will come soon šŸ™‚

  • Keith

    Awsome to read this. Seems like a great experience….keep on tripping ! šŸ™‚

    • Lionell

      Hi Keith, was a great experience indeed, would probably do it again if I get the chance šŸ™‚ I hope you and your little family are doing good!

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