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I had flown from JFK to Dallas and later that night I would fly towards the City of Angels. The plane arrived in Cowtown on time but couldn’t not get to the gate as it was occupied, so we had to sit in the tarmac for an extra 25 mins.

That time went off my 2 hour layover at DFW, so once I got out I went straight for the skytrain to head for the A gates which took me a good 10 mins. I had checked the AA app for the gate number and it had already changed from A18 to A16, but that wasn’t an issue as there was an Admirals club at gate A23.

Once I reached the bar at the end of the lounge I saw 2 familiar faces. “Hey, didn’t I see you at the whisky bar in Tokyo this morning?” “Yeah that’s right! How did you end up here?”

It turned out that they flew from Tokyo to Dallas directly and while one stayed at lounges at DFW all day, the other flew to LAX and back to get the extra miles! I got a pleasant surprise that I got upgraded to domestic first class on one of my flights tomorrow, woohoo!

We had a drink together and talked about travel, mileage runs and how people don’t understand us… Then we each went our way and as I walked out I noticed that my gate was showing incorrect info, it was showing SFO?? Seconds after noticing this, another gate change was announced, this time to A11, which was also delayed as people were still coming off the plane.

Anyway I wasn’t bothered by the delay as I knew I would have another exit row seat, 11C had my name on it and by the time that everyone had gotten onboard I had written another article in Evernote on my phone, love this app!

During the flight I got onto the wifi and cleaned out my email as it has been hard these past days to keep my routines during this trip. I also tried to check myself for all of my upcoming flights but both the AA and BA app refused to do it. I only managed to get a boarding pass for the flight that I received the upgrade for. In the end I gave up and decided to go to the Admirals Club at LAX and see if they could get me sorted at the service desk in the lounge.

Arriving after 10pm at LAX I went straight to the lounge and this is where the service agent was brilliant again. Customer service from AA is super, every single time I had an issue it got resolved in no time! This time as well as she managed to print all my boarding passes to Warsaw. All set for the trip home now!

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Uncomfy for hours…

The only downside of this layover at the airport of the City of Angels is that my flight back to Dallas would be at 5am! That meant spending a long time here… The Admirals Club would be open till 12.30am and after that I would need to find a different place to sit till 4am when the lounge doors would be opened again.

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Across the Admirals Club for overnight wifi

I went into the lounge as soon as it opened again to fresh up, brush my teeth and get some hot chocolate. There was no time to spare as boarding of the flight to Dallas would start at 4.30am and it looked like there were almost no people on this flight. I would be in seat 2D in domestic first class which fun to get the upgrade to experience it, but other than that it’s nothing really special.

As soon as everyone was on board my suspicion got confirmed as the captain came on the intercom and requested the first 4 rows of economy class to move to the rear of the plane so the weight would be evenly balanced thoughout the aircraft. At that point in time I was glad to have been upgraded because otherwise I would have been sitting all the way at the back of the bus.

It seemed that the AA crew was barely awake or in a good mood as I didn’t even get a good morning wheb breakfast was served… Come on I know it’s early but greeting your customers is the least you can do! I spend most of the flight browsing the internet with the GogoAir subscription I purchased for this trip.

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AA First class breakfast…

Before I knew it we touched down at Dallas again, the 4th time for me in a week! This time I knew not to stress or panic because even though the airport is huge, if you just follow the signs to your next departure gate it will take you a minimum amount of time. All I had to do was take the skytrain to the other terminal and I would even have time for a trip to the lounge.

By now I was completely lost in time and I didn’t know which time zone I was anymore… I had reached the lounge at DFW airport and when I was asked about how I was doing, I couldn’t even reply to that simple question… All I wanted was a shower to wake up! I was given a key to shower room number 7 and I had to smile when I opened the door, I had unlocked the secret marble shower! This this thing was like a ballroom, had a huge rain shower, additional regular shower head and best of all massaging shower sprays build into the wall! Showering never felt so good!

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Best airport shower ever that I experienced!

Afterwards I returned the key at the reception and the employee could tell I was feeling revived haha as she told me I looked way better than 20 mins ago when entering the lounge. I had a quick drink and snack and then had to get onto the skytrain again towards another terminal to catch my flight to Miami. Due to my Platinum status with American Airlines I was again able to select seats in the main cabin without being charged for it and picked another exit row seat…



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