Finding Balance In Life

So many people will tell you that life is all about finding balance. A balance between things you must do and things you love to do. There are things that make you happy, sad or mad. While I had [...]


How I Used Hotel Points To Book A Luxury Hotel

In September I have a trip booked to visit both Malaysia and Cambodia. At first I had booked 2 different hotels in Cambodia, one in Phnom Penh and another in Siem Reap. In order to save some [...]


How I saved over 17000 Euros on flights

If you read my previous article about travel planning for this year, you will have read that I booked a lot of flights for a 3 week trip with stops in Bali, Auckland, the Cook Islands and Abu [...]


Blog Workflow & Time Management

After posting a picture of my to do list on Instagram I got asked the question if I would write an article about my workflow for running a travel blog. That idea kinda grew on me and I decided to [...]


Where do I find great travel deals?

Where do I find great travel deals? Well that’s actually a good question because a lot of people still rely on the well-known and classic type online travel agencies (OTA) or just the [...]


Thalys Lounge Access

Who doesn’t hate to be waiting at a crowded platform of a train station or not finding a single vending machine to get a snack or (hot) drink from? Did you know that you can get Thalys [...]


Loyalty Tools

Ever since my addiction to the whole miles & points game started, I always look for ways to optimize or maximize the gain and/or benefits I get from it all. Now you can do this by studying [...]



If you’re a bit like me and have a lot of loyalty accounts to manage, there’s a great online tool that you can use to your advantage and make life a bit easier for you, this tool is [...]


Status Match

This article will give you an insight about what a status match exactly is, how to request it and how you can benefit from it. You’ll read a couple of examples on how easy it is get one in [...]


Miles & Points Basics

I have been into this whole miles & points hobby for just over 2 years now and since I started writing about it I’ve had a lot of people ask me how the “game” works, so this [...]

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