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By the time you read this my best trip ever will have begun and I will be on the train heading towards Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. I sure hope there won’t be any kind of delays but that would screw me over big time! Once I reach CDG, I will need to check in with Qatar Airways for my first ever flight on the A380 and loose my first class virginity (flying in first class that is)!

I’m excited as a little kid just before Christmas to be honest as I have so many expectations for this trip. All the flights that I have booked with different airlines in business and first class. The flight leaving Paris will take me to Doha where I will have a short layover and hopefully get to spend time in the infamous Al Safwa first class lounge. If I do end up in there, you can expect lots of pictures! Afterwards I will continue my journey towards Bali!

What does my best trip ever look like?

My mom and brother will fly in from Brussels, via Dubai to Densapar airport on Bali. They will arrive a couple of hours after me, so I will be able to welcome them at the White Rose Kuta Resort where have I booked two pool villas for us to spend a couple of days.

The first day after our arrival we will take a guided tour with Supanca from Bali Customized Tours, he will take us on his favorite trip to Ubud and show us around. Supanca has been an absolute star in arranging all of our airport transfers and guided tours. The communication by e-mail was very smooth and prompt, nothing was too much to ask.

best trip

Mount Agung Sunrise

During the night of April 26th I will be picked up at the hotel to head to Mount Agung where I will try to reach the summit before sunrise on the morning of April 27th together with a guide. The day after we will go to Uluwatu in the late afternoon to watch a traditional dance ceremony and have a BBQ dinner in a stunning scenery.

On 29 April we will be moving to a different hotel to enjoy the last couple of days together on Bali. The staff of the InterContinental hotel will be picking us up in Kuta and bring us to the beautiful hotel down in Jimbaran. For 2 days we will be spoiled in luxury! I can’t wait to take some pictures of the hotel and its surroundings, hopefully I will manage to snap a couple of amazing sunset pictures.

The Journey Continues

After celebrating a hopefully unforgettable 40th birthday I will say goodbye to my mom and brother who will fly back home one day earlier than me. I will stay another day and take a couple of flights to eventually reach the island of Aitutaki, you can read more details about all the flights in the previous article I wrote about how I saved thousands of Euros when booking my flights.

I have nothing planned yet during my stay on the small atol, but I know for sure that I will switch off the world and enjoy my time there! The only mission I have is to get my passport stamped on One Foot Island! Most likely I will regret only spending a week in this little paradise but who knows I might return here if I like it a lot…

best trip - picture courtesy of

One Foot Island is on my bucketlist

The way home will be travel galore for myself as a frequent flyer! Compared to most people who prefer to fly a more direct route home, I will be taking a bit of a detour as the trip home will take me about 4 days with a stopover in Abu Dhabi.

You will be able to read all of my personal experiences here and for any flight or hotel reviews you can have a look at two other blogs that I write for. These blogs are InsideFlyer NL and InsideFlyer UK, the NL is in Dutch and the UK site is hosted in English.

Till next time!

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  • Anne Journee


  • Benjamin Harpain

    Enjoy your time on this awesome trip! We wish you safe travels and are looking forward to all your stories when you return!

    • Lionell

      Thanks! I got here safely and till now has been great, tomorrow night they are picking me up to hike up the volcano 🙂

  • Beverly Ridout Pate

    Have fun !

    • Lionell

      Thanks Beverly! Definitely will 🙂

  • Hennie Jansen

    Fijne vlucht en fijne vakantie.

  • Yvonne

    Sure looks like a dreamtrip! Hope you enjoyed all of it!!

    • Lionell

      I had a GREAT time! Wish I could do it again and then travel longer 🙂

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