Hilton Status Match

As I was going through my Twitter feeds earlier, I noticed a post about a possible Hilton status match. Now this is interesting as I was already registered for a fast track promotion that would [...]


Mileage Run To Hawaii – Conclusion

After a week it’s draw the final conclusion of this mileage run to Hawaii, because this time a week ago I was on my way to Honolulu, probably one of most crazy things I’ve done when [...]


Mileage Run To Hawaii – The Return

For the return journey of my mileage run to Hawaii, I decided to put the entire trip into this one article, so sit back and hope you enjoy the story! I had only been in Waikiki for a couple of [...]


Mileage Run to Hawaii – LAX to HNL

After finally clearing the CBP check point earlier I had to look where I needed to go in order to catch my next flight to Honolulu (HNL) and this turned out to be a challenge… I had to head [...]


Mileage Run to Hawaii – LHR to LAX

After making my way from T5 to T3 with the bus, which by the way had onboard wifi, I had to go through a security check and another check in procedure with American Airlines agents before I could [...]


Mileage Run to Hawaii – AMS to LHR

I didn’t have a good night sleep at all, I woke up several times during the night and eventually I got up at 4.45am as I was too restless. I took a quick shower, got dressed and packed all my [...]


Mileage Run to Hawaii – CitizenM Hotel Schiphol

First of all sorry for the delay in this so called “live” trip report, but due to instable wifi connections I wasn’t able to upload any articles properly during my mileage run [...]


Mileage Run to Hawaii – Off To Schiphol

Trains   As I reside in Antwerp and my flight would be leaving early Saturday morning from Schiphol airport, it was necessary to leave the day before so that I wouldn’t have to stress about [...]


Mileage Run to Hawaii – Trip Intro

Introduction   As I was browsing one of the many frequent flyer forums that I follow, I came across a mileage run deal. The deal was for flights on British Airways and American Airlines from [...]


American Airlines Platinum Challenge

Introduction Ever since I got into the whole loyalty game I managed to get a couple of top tier hotel loyalty status cards, but till this year I never managed to get elite status with an airline [...]

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