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Since I started blogging for myself I got in touch with a lot of similar minded travel bloggers with great initiatives like for example the Liebster award and the Travel Tag 2015 is no different! It’s a fun way to interact with other bloggers, to write about things you wouldn’t come up with otherwise and on this occasion I was invited by Stéphanie from the Frenchydutchy travel blog.

The Travel Tag 2015 is a shortlist of 6 specific questions which I was asked to answer and to keep the ball rolling I will tag another 6 bloggers at the end of this post to hear their story of 2015.

What was your best travel memory from 2015?

Most definitely my mileage run trip in December which took me 1.7 times around the world in just 7 days… Although it was exhausting, it was such a great experience! It took 19 flights, flew just over 40.000 miles, sat 90+ hours on the plane, passed through 9 different countries (Germany, Norway, UK, USA, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Poland and Switserland), drank too much Jack Daniels in the airport lounges and it got me just over 80.000 air miles!

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Crazy itinerary in 7 days!

I would definitely do it again, of course it’s a lot of flying but so much fun as you get to meet so many people. Probably the most funny moment was after flying from Tokyo to New York and then to Dallas, I went up to the Admirals Club lounge and saw 2 familiar faces at the bar. “Hey, didn’t we have drinks together this morning at the first class lounge in Tokyo?” “Hahaha how the hell did you get here?” We laughed our asses off and had a good time!

Where would you rather spend New Years Eve, Belgium or abroad?

If I had enough vacation days I would definitely spend it abroad! I’m not into all the “obligatory” New Years Eve parties where it gets way too crowded, people get too drunk and you get charged ridiculous prices… A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to spend New Year in Malaysia, which was kind of surreal as I was plunging into the swimming pool in 30 degrees Celsius on New Years Eve.

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New Years Eve in Malaysia

Which destinations are on your wishlist for 2016?

There are too many place I still want to visit but I hope to get a chance to head back to South East Asia in 2016! It was the first ever far away destination I visited and I fell in love with the cultures, the people and the food there… I was able to save up a load of air miles this fall and I’m currently trying to puzzle things together for a trip next year or to see what’s possible with all those miles and where I might end up, the possibilities are endless!

And I hope to get the chance to book some cheap mileageruns, simply because I like being at airport and I love flying!

What’s your most beautiful travel picture of 2015?

One picture jumped straight into my mind and it’s the one that I took of a sunset over the Pacific Ocean while I was flying to Hawaii. The setting, the light, the view… It all just came together especially as I had seen the sun come earlier that day over the North Sea during the first flight of that trip.

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What are you most proud of or what did you achieve in 2015?

Travel wise I was able to get my first airline elite status, now most people probably don’t care about a little plastic card but I was proud of myself that I figured out how to get it and then simply went out and did it! Or a personal level I so glad that I started this blog, being totally independent and write what I want and when I want, best decision ever, next goal is to do this fulltime…

What’s the best country you visited in 2015?

Ok that’s a tough one because in recent weeks I went to a lot of countries but didn’t have enough time or no time at all to explore them during my trip as I was flying to get extra air miles. If I have to judge by the overall experience and time spend in 1 country, I will pick Germany and the city of Berlin to be more specific.

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Iconic car in Berlin

I visited this great city for the 3rd time in 2 years and absolutely love it! Berlin offers so many different things to do, places to see, has great restaurants and bars, it’s huge and wide so it never feels crowded and has one of my favorite hotels in the world, the Intercontinental hotel.

So there you have it, my travel tag for 2015 and as I have mentioned earlier now is the time to “tag” 6 other bloggers and invite them to tell you their story of 2015:

Everythingaboutpoints, Sanne is a Dutch frequent flyer and mileage runner who flies around the world on cheap fares;

Burger Abroad, Amanda is slowly wandering around the world, writing about being a minimalist and vegan;

Social Traveler, Björn is globetrotting and getting in touch with people around the world via social media;

Vetexbart, Bart has a BIG love for New York and the USA and will also show you nice spots around Europe;

Stefan Round The World, is the guy to go to if you want to read about travel through Eastern Europe;

Unboxing Traveller, Silvia is a surfing digital nomad.

All of the above mentioned blogs are great reads and I hope they will take the time to write their Travel Tag 2015!

Safe travels!



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